Get on your e-bike
and ride…ezy!

Get on your e-bike
and ride... ezy!


The e-bike is simply eco-smart.

Enjoy the beautiful sights, taste the produce and explore the surrounds Mudgee has on offer. By going electric you can do it all…simpler, ezy’r and faster.

The e-bike takes care of the hard bits, you choose when extra power and torque would assist your ride. Allowing you to arrive and end your day with a smile on your face and feeling good about getting around in an eco-friendly way.


Everything you need for an ezyride is included for free:



E-bike routes to guide you around Mudgee township, wineries, eateries and surrounds.

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e-Classic (2 Days)
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e-Tour (3 Days)
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e-Trek (4 +Days)
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    With over 30 E-Bikes for hire

    ERM Explorer

    Cushioned seats

    Safety lights and bell

    Disc brakes

    8 gears

    Battery indicator

    25 km/h limit

    Approx. 30 km range


    Minimum Height: 170 cm

    Minimum Age: 18

    Sealed or graded roads only

    Instruction sheet [PDF]

    ERM Vanguard

    Cushioned seats

    Safety lights and bell

    Disc brakes

    7 gears

    Battery indicator

    25 km/h limit

    Approx. 30 km range


    Minimum Height: 160 cm

    Minimum Age: 18

    Sealed or graded roads only

    Instruction sheet [PDF]


    Mudgee Township

    Enjoy the green spaces, historical architecture, noted locals and sights and surrounds of Mudgee.
    – A sample route [Google Map]

    For more ideas, visit:

    Central West Cycling Trail
    – PEDAL IT (Visit Mudgee Region)
    – Download the Cycling Mudgee Region Guide

    Mudgee Wineries

    With so many wineries to choose from, you can plan your own route or build on one we have started.

    Find the Wineries [PDF]

    Mudgee Eateries

    Don’t forget to keep your battery charged and taste the experience of Mudgee’s renowned eateries.

    Eateries in Mudgee [Google Map]

    e-Bike Safety

    Tips to keep you safe on your e-bike


    Planning ahead will make a big difference to the enjoyment and safety of your ride. Helmets are mandatory in New South Wales so that’s a non-negotiable. It is also a legal requirement in NSW that bicycle riders do not ride a bicycle under the influences of alcohol or drugs.

    We have included excellent resources to show bike paths and recommended routes. We recommend that you are aware of the road rules for bicycles in NSW.

    Bicycle Road Rules NSW

    2. BE SEEN

    Our electric bikes come with built-in high lumen (very bright) lights. Anything you can do to make yourself more visible to other cyclists and road users can only help. One of the great things about an electric bike is that you don’t have to dress up like someone riding the Tour de France. However, you still need to make sure you are going to be comfortable and safe (as well as looking cool).

    3. BE HEARD

    On an electric bike you’ll probably find yourself overtaking traditional cyclists a lot. Especially going up hills. All of our bikes are almost silent in their operation so people won’t hear you coming.

    It’s common sense to use your bell well in advance to let them know you’re there. We always like to add a polite “passing on the right” and a “thank you” as we cruise past too. It’s often more effective using your voice to be heard than a bell.

    We tend to err on the side of caution while riding, especially with motorists and gadget-happy pedestrians.

    4. TIPS

    Always wear your helmet
    Obey alcohol consumption laws
    Brake using front and rear brakes simultaneously
    Stay as far to the left of your side of the road as possible
    Always e-ride in single file
    Signal which way you are turning
    Always lock your bike

    5. EXTRAS

    Electric bikes are not intended to be used in the rain or wet conditions. If it is raining at the time of your planned hire we can provide either a full refund, or a gift voucher and priority booking for another time of your choice.
    When we deliver our electric bikes, we will:
    • Provide you with an introduction to the e-bike and show you how to use the lights, brakes, gears and electric motor.
    • Require you to sign that you have read the terms and conditions of hire.
    • Inspect the bike with you, to ensure all is good and repeat this process when the bike is collected.
    • Provide you with a mobile phone number so as to contact us if you need any support during your hire.